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Mixed Show Choir

Resonance is the advanced show choir at Powhatan High School. This is their 19th year as a competitive show choir; however, they also compete as a part of the award-winning concert choir "One Voice" and this year have competed as an A'cappella choir "Resonance Unplugged." Resonance is comprised of 31 singer/dancers who are excited to perform their show "I want my Mtv!" They are backed by the show band, "Rev'd Up" under the direction of Mr. Steven Barba, stage crew "Renegades" under the direction of Mr. Billy Goodrich, and perform under the direction of Mr. Terrell Dean.

2022-23 Resonance Company (* denotes managers, ** denotes captains): Aaron Hixon, Haydon Hall (soloist), James Elam**, Wesley Nolen, Jr. (soloist), Aaron Miller, Alexander Weimer, Chase Granger, Sophie Farmer, Emma Stigall (soloist), Delaine Healy (soloist), Olivia Goodrich* (soloist), Olivia Grasty, Irina Hinson, Chloe Burchett, Sydni Goodall (soloist), April Milburn** (soloist), Hannah Wachtel**, Savannah Durrbeck** (soloist), Madison Fromherz, Alexis Adkins, Nia Sanders (soloist), Jaycie Hammer**, Samantha Ingram, Virginia Dewey, Camdyn Pitts, Caleb Skeens*, Art Alexander** (soloist), Nathan Adkins** (soloist) , Nathan Martin, Mariella Moyer** (soloist), and Lindsay Steele

Important Dates
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